Dear visitors to this Web page!

Welcome to my Web page. Here you will definitely find some silly things, but also a few useful things.

Let me just briefly introduce myself to those who have visited my web page and they still don't know me - my name is Vitomir Ivanjek (Vito), I am a pianist, and music is (obviously) an inevitable part of my life. I started learning the piano at the age of five, and life has led me from Zagreb to Vienna, and I am still living my life between those two cities. Together with playing the piano (classical music, jazz, pop music, rock…) I compose, play the church organ and arrange compositions and popular tunes for the piano. I hope my playing and music has made the day nicer for many people, which is my greatest wish and objective.

Since, as a pianist, I almost always play, while the other people are listening (or not...), I am providing an opportunity for you to play, while I will listen.

On your left you have the keys, and - you can start "playing music". Useful things, like announcing concerts, everything about my CDs and cassettes, music to listen to, things to download, links, visitors' book… all of them are here, on my Web page. Here you might learn the things you did not know, and we are planning to start a "fan club" - with prize games, discounts and gifts. I will be very glad if you go though all the keys and let me know what you think about my Web page (I am not going to say much about the content - I hope it's clear and well laid out).

I hope you'll like these web pages, that you'll let me know what you think, and I am most grateful for it, and you can also give your comments and reviews (…perhaps even some commendations…) about my concerts!

Thank you - and enjoy yourselves! I don't want to bore you with my incoherent thoughts - enjoy your "playing", and I do hope you will soon (God willing) hear me play…

In the meantime I wish you well.
Yours, Vitomir